In House Design and Engineering Capabilities

One of Eberhard’s strongest attributes is our Engineering and Design staff. The expertise and experience we have in providing access system solutions will keep your project running on time and within budget. For latch and hardware applications, we will provide you with the assistance and answers to your questions. If you need a custom system designed, or a latch, lock, or hinge for your application, we can help. Our engineers are available to assist you with your product selections and are able to respond quickly. We can help you solve all types of design issues, from simple product modifications to creating a new product to solve your application needs.
During the development of your latching project, we can take our 3D design concepts to a prototype level with prompt turn-around including many different types of rapid prototyping processes. When you have applications that require a more complex material and stress evaluation we have the software technology for FEA computer analysis to make the correct decisions.
Our Engineering department stays up to date with the latest technology and can offer you both 3D and 2D CAD files to easily allow you to “Drop In” the drawings into your designs. Even when we are closed, Eberhard offers electronic drawing files on our website to further speed your product designs to market. You are able to go to and view our online catalog or simply download a variety of drawing formats from our standard product selection.
Let us help you meet your application objectives for complete access systems by using our expertise to turn your project into production reality.